Amazon Auto body takes care of the painting, body and smash repair, interior fittings and design of road vehicles. Many Americans take great pride in not only the mechanical performance of their cars but also the appearance. The main services offered in this industry are repair, panel beating, and spray-painting services for smashed or damaged automotive vehicles. Also included are the replacing, repairing and tinting of motor vehicle glass, and the repairing of both the interiors and exteriors of motor vehicles. Car wash or cleaning services are also provided by those employed in this industry.

Automotive body repair is commonly referred to as panel beating. The primary activity of businesses involved in this industry is the forceful manipulation of car body panels into a required shape. This usually takes place after an accident when panels need to be reshaped to their original form, but it may also include body modification, either in order to conform to transportation laws or for aesthetic purposes.

A detailed estimate is prepared, indicating all of the repairs required in order to give the vehicle its required function and appearance. Measuring systems are used to check specific points of the vehicle structure against dimensions provided by the vehicle manufacturer. Automotive cleaning products are applied, followed by a bug and tar remover to strip away layers of wax, grease, and deposits. Rust may be removed using sanders and a circular saw. Panels are then beaten with special tools such as planishing hammers in order to remove dents.

Whenever appropriate, original parts are repaired, but severely damaged parts may need to be replaced. Trained body repair technicians can repair sheet metal and plastic so that it is difficult to find signs of damage. Badly damaged bodies may be straightened using mechanical or hydraulic equipment, and replacement, or repaired, sections may be rejoined using welding equipment.

Other processes undertaken in this industry include the re-upholstery of seating and floors and the rust proofing and undercoating of repaired automotive bodies. The Automotive Body, Paint and Interior Repair industry offers a range of career opportunities either in general services or specializing in one of the many areas of automotive body repair.

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