Fast cars need to look and perform at their best. Amazon Auto Body provides customized body work for a full range of racing needs. They offer a wide selection of auto body parts and services that will fit the requirements of individuals: giving each car exactly what is needed for it to perform at its best.

At Amazon Auto Body, we customize and restore all manners of vehicles including muscle cars, antique autos, and collector cars. Car, truck or SUV, our experienced customizers will take your vehicle and transform it into your dream ride.

Top to bottom, inside and out, your ride will be the envy of all others on the road; or for that matter, anyone off-road.

At Amazon Auto Body, we are no stranger to the auto show circuit after having worked on numerous show cars. From restoring your classic car to customizing your ride, we can do it all.

Inside and out, at Amazon Auto Body, we specialize in all your auto customizing needs.

  • Custom Body Work
  • Wheels & Tires
  • Auto & Truck Accessories
  • Custom Auto Painting & Graphics
  • Auto Restoration
  • Custom Suspensions

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